Isabella & Marco

Isabel Harper is us: Isabella and Marco!
We are husband and wife: we have three children, a cat and many projects for the future.
We write for kids and together we’ve won prestigious prizes, one of which is the Andersen Bay of Fairytales prize.
Other than writing, we have in common the passion for the mountain and for archery.

Her dream: a big house in the mountain full of friends and cheerfulness but also doing many trips around the world.
Her secret: sometimes she wishes she could escape on a secret island.
Marco says of her: Isabella is a true volcano of ideas. They come to her continuously, in every moment, in every place: trekking on the mountains, skiing, swimming, cooking spaghetti, or maybe when she darts across the city on her bike with her flowery dress, leaving behind her a flurry of papers that escape from the bag left open. When she says: “I’ve got an idea!” I start shaking, because it could be completely reinventing the book we’re writing, but also completely reinventing the living room furnishing, which is much worse. She also is an amazing cook. She could make a Christmas dinner out of the leftovers in the fridge. Alas, since she’s started writing the secret fire of Altea, she often leaves me in charge of dinner, causing loud protests from our sons.

His dream: a big house in the mountains and a lot of time to walk, sleep, play music.
His secret: he knows how to iron his shirts (don’t tell to Isabella)
Isabella says of him: Marco hunts for new ideas in the most peculiar places. Once he stalked a group of tourists across the streets of Venice, hiding his face behind a newspaper with two holes for the eyes; another times he sprung up in the middle of the night, got in his car and drove hurriedly to the pass of Giau on the Dolomiti mountains, to watch the sunrise of the summer solstice.
Marco plays the Celtic harp and the guitar. For a while he has also played the flute and the fiddle, getting from the latter more or less pleasant sounds. In short, he can get a melody out of pretty much anything, even an empty bottle or a pen’s cap.
He’s really grumpy but he also has a good sense of humor and he always manages to make me laugh. Except maybe at night, when he starts snoring like a truck.

The Hat of Ideas

“The legendary Hat of Ideas has the incredible power to stimulate the gray matter, turn on creative lightnings and make turn the brain wheels of the wearer! Without the Hat of Ideas, we would never be able to write these books… Want to try it? “”