The shadow archons

The magical flame that keeps alive the world of Altea has disappeared, and must be found before its too late…

The treasure of Vjnlan

Ailan and Marill are sent to Keola by Dedalus’s dislocator, to find the key that opens the starry Prism, but they find themselves at open sea, in the middle of a raging storm…

The queen of Keola

Ailan and Marill have challenged the evil power of Vimperion, they have already found two pieces of the Key that opens the starry Prism and have started the search for the flame which gifts energy and life, but during the quest Ailan lost his eyesight…

The New Flame

The new adventure of Ailan and Marill, where they will play all out to save the island of Altea!

the hat of ideas


Discover the secrets of writing with the authors, and become word tamers!

we have read…


We recommend a book to reflect and converse about important themes (from 11 years).

The Hat of Ideas at Caffeina Festival of Viterbo! Click and read more!

Saturday, July 5, 2014, at 19 pm at the Courtyard of the Abbot of Viterbo, creative writing workshop for children who participate in the festival Without Caffeine: together, we will try the magical powers of the “Hat of Ideas” and invent a story.


If you have taken part of one of our events, or if you are curious to discover the breathtaking creative effects of the hat of ideas, click on “events log”.
There you’ll find the stories, the characters, the fantastic animals and everything we’ve created together. Happy reading!